Glasses and Contact Lenses: The Real Truth

June 5, 2018

Glasses and Contact Lenses: The Real Truth

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Most people in today’s society have to wear some form of eyewear. Whether it is for astigmatism or just being farsighted, you need some specialized lenses to correct the issues. What if there was a problem with the contact lenses or glasses that you have chosen to wear? How do these apparatuses effect your eyes after prolonged use?


Most people, especially the older generation, prefer glasses. They do not find it safe to wear contacts. Glasses for this group makes them look trustworthy, smart, and mature. Of course, they are easier to slip on and off. However, there are people that participated in studies, who are convinced that wearing glasses can make your eyes weaker, after years of use. Those studies did not come out of the United States. Brazil, Pakistan, Karnataka, and Nigeria are the countries where these beliefs have transpired. What some people do not understand is that over time, your eyes begin to age. The lenses of your natural eyes begin to deteriorate. When you are wearing glasses, you are able to see, but it does not stop the aging process of your eyes. The answer here would be that your glasses are not the problem in that area. However, they can be an issue somewhere else. If you are in a steamy area, your glasses could fog up, and you can not see. Letting your glasses get wet in the rain would cause you to trip and fall. Laying them down anywhere means having to find them later, especially if you lose them. Even with all of that, no one will stop wearing them. Glasses are extremely important for children. If they are not wearing the right prescription, that will cause “lazy eye”. Also, both eyes will gradually deteriorate. Having the correct lenses will not only help them in their reading, but also build their overall confidence. Because children can see what they are doing, their overall learning will improve. Did you know that you do not have to take your glasses to the optometrist for adjustment? That is right, you can do that yourself. That is money you can save, if you are charged for that service. All you would need is to find a how-to website on the subject. You will find this to be relatively easy.


The younger generation enjoys wearing contacts. These nifty little pieces of plastic can be placed on the eyeball in a snap. Being able to take your fingers and stick them in your eye just to do this can be tricky. You have to be careful not to scrape your cornea, in the process of putting them in. You can wear them once a day, or throw them out for a new pair every two weeks. Contacts will not come out, if your eyes are not dry. Now contacts are convenient at times, if you decided to go swimming, keeping them in is not an option. You do not want to lose them underwater. Depending on the brand, they are cheaper than glasses. Some of them even correct astigmatism. There are a few down sides to this that can have devastating effects on your eyes. For example, when you do not properly clean your hands before handling a pair of disposable contacts, you can irritate your eyes. Hair and other debris can get inside the lenses, causing discomfort to your eyes. You will have hurting eyes for a few days, which will result in you having to wear glasses. It would not be a good idea to wear contacts, if there is pain. That will only make things worse. It is always good to use the contact cleaning solution that the optometrist recommends. Doing otherwise, will cause some very serious damage. Put your contacts in fresh solution, and the proper eye case every night. Never go to sleep in them. 

Regardless of what you like or dislike about glasses and contacts, you still need them. How else are you going to get the behind the wheel to see and drive? By law your doctor can no longer get you to buy your eyewear in their office. You have the right to your prescription, so you can go get what you need elsewhere, at an affordable price. This is wonderful for consumers without insurance. There are so many different choices within each category, that you are sure to find what is right for your eyesight. With a vast selection of both, you can not go wrong.

How Glasses can Improve you Driving

May 31, 2018

How Glasses can Improve you Driving

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Hello today I’ll be introducing a full coverage of a popular topic and interesting facts about glasses and how they can actually improve your driving! Now I’m positive many of you at this moment are probably wondering how is it possible glasses can apply such a huge difference? How can glasses truly give you an advantage? What benefits can glasses sincerely provide, and what makes glasses so special when behind the wheel on a highway compared to your driving skills without them! These are fantastic concerns about glasses that I’ll be discussing with you all today in this enlightening review!

For all of you concerned about glasses and it’s the improvements to be acquired? Glasses are actually very valuable items to consider purchasing! Driving with Glasses is literally like swimming with a life jacket! Though we’ve probably all have heard the jokes of someone being called “four eyes” as kids in school! As you may have noticed many individuals associated with business, finances, managing corporations and focusing on things of importance actually own them a pair! After all four eyes are indeed better than 2 right! Furthermore, Glasses are scientifically proven to enhance impaired vision to a standard or exceeding level necessary to reduce blurry and distorted vision! Though it may feel different to someone who has never worn glasses their entire life! Once you actually buy you a personal pair and begin wearing them throughout your normal day you will surely adjust and feel different without them! Not only do clients and customers who begin to wear glasses find comfort and satisfaction in wearing them providing testimonies and express high satisfaction, but glasses are actually clinically proven to produce the exact satisfaction you are searching for! Fortunately, for us in our modern society, where citizens have to be able to read, and make out objects, signs, or various things just to cross a high way and make it across town! Having Glasses as such a time as this is certainly highly necessary and appreciated!

I can’t help but comprehend how difficult driving can be for an individual and with bad vision, trying their hardest to see down a long busy highway and make out signs such as their next exit off and four way lane before they are about to approach it, the difficulty it must be to maintain between the yellow lines on a highway or dark back road, while the headlights of oncoming traffic throw light into your eyes making it nearly impossible to see if someone is breaking before you or making it pretty hard to see if a pedestrian is stepping out in front of you! As known, our eyes and overall our vision can and will weaken as we age which can make driving at all a nightmare! These are both consequences and alarming physical changes that any of us can honestly say we wouldn’t want to experience! In fact, such depressing or devastating changes in our optical structure, can undoubtedly lead to us fearing the road, cars, and ultimately putting ourselves in the danger of high speeding traffic that we may accidentally lose sight of literally! Meanwhile, Glasses are the one thing besides elaborate surgery that that enhance your vision well enough to keep your vision sharp and keep you driving like a pro when you are out and about. Running errands and accomplishing things in this busy and fast moving world.

Completely excited to share! I am here to announce the fact that Glasses, don’t only reduce distortion in your vision improving clarity, but there are even glasses that train your normal sight to allow your eyes to repair and in a sense heal to be able to once again see clear or better by correcting the refractive error! A refractive vision error is a error that occurs when light passes through one object to another. When issues exist in the eyes this can be a problem and the light may not pass or function the same cause full blindness or more minor issues in that form. Meanwhile, thanks to glasses those who suffer from refractive vision and begin to learn to see and improve their optical qualities! Since the discovery of glasses in about 1286, glasses have changed lives all over the world! Making Highways safer allowing drivers to see traffic and walking pedestrians and providing walking citizens the optical clarity to stay clear of traffic! Thus, be sure to get a pair of your own!

Inside the Eyes of a Sexy Las Vegas Escort

October 31, 2017

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What is 20 20 Vision, Really?

October 17, 2017


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If you are wondering what 20 20 vision actually is, then you should know that it is simply being able to see things clearly. If you have 20 20 vision, then you are able to see what those who need glasses are not. You are able to make out images and read signs that are not easily visible to those who have worse vision than you. If you go to the eye doctor and they tell you that you have 20 20 vision, then you can feel good about yourself and your eye sight. You can celebrate the fact that you can go a bit more time without glasses.
The term 20 20 vision might seem a bit confusing, though. Where does it come from? Why is it a good thing? Well, it is a measure of your central vision. It is a term that is used for anyone who has “normal” vision and can see 20 feet in front of them. That is where the number comes from. Those who have even better eyesight than that get another term used for it, and those who have worse eyesight get a lower number used to describe their eyesight. It’s really not all that complicated once you start thinking of the numbers as the distance in terms of feet that you can see in front of yourself.
So, anyone who has 20 20 vision really should feel good about all that they can see because if something is 20 feet in front of them they should be able to identify it without a problem. They should see it clearly without any bleariness, and they should be able to distinguish between shapes of objects. Those with poorer sight will need glasses to be able to do that.
Anyone who is getting confused about the terms for eyesight should remember the fact that it is the measurement of feet that the average person can see. There are some who have great eyesight and can see even further distances, but the average person can only see 20 feet in front of them clearly, and that is where the 20 20 vision term originated.
Those who are getting their eyes tested should learn the terms and what they mean ahead of time, so that when they go to get them tested they will better understand what they eye doctor is talking about. It will be great if you hear your eyes are normal. It will fill you with confidence if you hear that you have 20 20 vision because you know what that means and that it is what the average person with healthy eyes has.
There are many things that can worry you about your health, and you might be nervous about your eyes when you are going to an appointment for them. But, when you know what 20 20 vision is you can do a test yourself. You can place something 20 feet away from you, or have a friend do it, and see if you can identify it. If you can see it clearly, then you most likely have good eyes. But, if you have a problem with identifying it, then it is most likely a good thing that you are going to the eye doctor. You will get your eyes checked there and they can tell you what is going on with them. Glasses can help to improve your eyesight and help you to see things that have been impossible for you to look at before.
So, while having 20 20 vision is the ultimate thing that anyone would want for themselves, at least there are glasses that can help. And that it why it is important to go to an eye doctor, so that if you need glasses you get them. If you go long without glasses you might make your eyes even worse off than they are now. When you get glasses, or if you get surgery on your eyes, you can correct the problems and help you to see further distances. With glasses, or with corrective surgery, you might be able to see the 20 feet that you haven’t been able to before. And you will feel better about the shape your eyes are in when you can see as far as the average person can. So, test yourself, go to a doctor, and make sure that your eyes are all that they should be. And when you go, remember that 20 20 vision is the average eyesight.
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