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What is 20 20 Vision, Really?

October 17, 2017


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If you are wondering what 20 20 vision actually is, then you should know that it is simply being able to see things clearly. If you have 20 20 vision, then you are able to see what those who need glasses are not. You are able to make out images and read signs that are not easily visible to those who have worse vision than you. If you go to the eye doctor and they tell you that you have 20 20 vision, then you can feel good about yourself and your eye sight. You can celebrate the fact that you can go a bit more time without glasses.
The term 20 20 vision might seem a bit confusing, though. Where does it come from? Why is it a good thing? Well, it is a measure of your central vision. It is a term that is used for anyone who has “normal” vision and can see 20 feet in front of them. That is where the number comes from. Those who have even better eyesight than that get another term used for it, and those who have worse eyesight get a lower number used to describe their eyesight. It’s really not all that complicated once you start thinking of the numbers as the distance in terms of feet that you can see in front of yourself.
So, anyone who has 20 20 vision really should feel good about all that they can see because if something is 20 feet in front of them they should be able to identify it without a problem. They should see it clearly without any bleariness, and they should be able to distinguish between shapes of objects. Those with poorer sight will need glasses to be able to do that.
Anyone who is getting confused about the terms for eyesight should remember the fact that it is the measurement of feet that the average person can see. There are some who have great eyesight and can see even further distances, but the average person can only see 20 feet in front of them clearly, and that is where the 20 20 vision term originated.
Those who are getting their eyes tested should learn the terms and what they mean ahead of time, so that when they go to get them tested they will better understand what they eye doctor is talking about. It will be great if you hear your eyes are normal. It will fill you with confidence if you hear that you have 20 20 vision because you know what that means and that it is what the average person with healthy eyes has.
There are many things that can worry you about your health, and you might be nervous about your eyes when you are going to an appointment for them. But, when you know what 20 20 vision is you can do a test yourself. You can place something 20 feet away from you, or have a friend do it, and see if you can identify it. If you can see it clearly, then you most likely have good eyes. But, if you have a problem with identifying it, then it is most likely a good thing that you are going to the eye doctor. You will get your eyes checked there and they can tell you what is going on with them. Glasses can help to improve your eyesight and help you to see things that have been impossible for you to look at before.
So, while having 20 20 vision is the ultimate thing that anyone would want for themselves, at least there are glasses that can help. And that it why it is important to go to an eye doctor, so that if you need glasses you get them. If you go long without glasses you might make your eyes even worse off than they are now. When you get glasses, or if you get surgery on your eyes, you can correct the problems and help you to see further distances. With glasses, or with corrective surgery, you might be able to see the 20 feet that you haven’t been able to before. And you will feel better about the shape your eyes are in when you can see as far as the average person can. So, test yourself, go to a doctor, and make sure that your eyes are all that they should be. And when you go, remember that 20 20 vision is the average eyesight.
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